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Gazella Dorcas

The story

The story

The conservation of endangered species and ecosystems is one of the main concerns at incognita. That is why it was a pleasure to tell the story about the reintroduction of the Gazella dorcas in Senegal through a video.

Gazella dorcas is almost extinct in the wild due to human pressure. This small documentary shows the efforts of a community of researchers together with the Barcelona Zoo, trying to save this species from extinction.

This communication has covered multiple digital products for capsules for Instagram and Facebook, the realization of photographs, the audiovisual documentary, immersive 360º videos of the processes of the release of gazelles, and drone filming.

360º VIDEO

This 360º video and VR experience allows the public to empathize and feel the magic of the moment when these gazelles were reintroduced to their natural habitat. It is the culmination of years and years of work for the conservation of Gazella dorcas.


The documentary narrates a complex story, full of nuances, in which science, conservation, politics, education, and anthropology intervene to bring the values of conservation to the general public. The communication project is innovative due to the use of new technologies that have played an important role in communicating in an impactful, innovative way but close to the reality of the project. 

But not only that; The project of the reintroduction of gazelles in Senegal is unique because it highlights the value of the Zoos, their relationship with the research centres (Experimental Station of Arid Zones of the CSIC), and is developed in an extreme environment such as the Sahel. In this environment, the Peul are the nomadic people who live with the gazelles.

They don’t know how to read or write and they don’t speak any French or English but their knowledge about the environment is essential. The scientists then have to develop communication strategies to share all the knowledge they can with them so they can be the keepers and protectors of the gazelles.